Hydronex Water Softener

The Hydronex whole house water treatment system is one of our most popular options. It’s budget-friendly while still incorporating state of the art NASA technology. The Hydronex features a computerized control valve with a patented solid state microprocessor. It creates an automatic reserve supply of high quality water so you won’t run out, even during a long shower! It’s double backwash feature ensures the filter media stays fresh, too.

The media filter tank consists of three layers. The inner layer is made of durable polyethylene. This is covered by an outer layer of fiberglass to insulate, and makes the unit very sturdy. The outer cover is made of stainless steel for strength and long-term use.

Now let’s talk about the NASA technology. The Hydronex features our MicroSilver Bacteriostasis technology, which is based on silver ion technology developed by NASA to purify water used on the Space Shuttle Orbiters. It works by embedding microscopic particles of silver, known for it’s antimicrobial qualities, into our patented HYgene media. This inhibits the growth of bacteria within the bed of the filter media.

Our SilverShield HYgene filter media does double duty; it incorporates activated carbon into our MicroSilver Bacteriostasis technology, inhibiting bacteria growth as well as reducing tastes and odors that you might not like in untreated water. Chlorine and chloramine are found in untreated water and the taste and smell can be quite strong and unpleasant.

The Hydronex conditioner offers superior “hardness” removal compared to conventional media. It uses less salt and water for highly efficient regeneration cycles. The high-capacity S-579 monospheric resin uses uniformly sized beads for higher flow rates and overall efficiency. It reduces turbidity and iron, and removes the hardness of excess mineral content.

Finally, the clarifier uses fine silica gravel to polish the water and give it extra clarity. Dishes come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, without the spots and deposits left by hard water. Hair and skin rinse clean, eliminating the itchy soap scrum that weighs down hair and can aggravate skin conditions.

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Hydronex Water Softener