Ironmax Water Filtration

The Ironmax Iron Water Filtration System is a new solution to an old problem that residents of the more rural areas around the metro have been fighting for years!  Well water is known to contain excess amounts of iron, which can stain clothing while doing laundry, make appliances less efficient and wear out faster, and it can even leave stains on the side of your home if you have an outdoor spigot that develops a drip.  It doesn’t taste very good either! Fortunately, we’re able to offer a Green solution to the problem of excessive iron in well water!

The Puronics Ironmax iGen valve is designed to solve this problem using an innovative, custom design.  Our air injection system gets the most iron, manganese and sulfide out of your water without the use of chemicals.  Our Green technology is ideal for well water.  Our patented iGen valve controls the system, and can even track your water usage and flow rate, giving you consistent quality with built in efficiency.  This cost-effective system will make an immediate difference in the taste and composition of your water.

The iGen control valve uses an intelligent digital microprocessor to control all system operations.  It maintains history on your usage so clean, filtered water is always available.  It allows you to track and monitor your usage and flow rate, and is easy to operate and maintain.  The durable, corrosion-resistant construction will give you years of seamless use and efficient operation.

The Ironmax system uses filtration and oxidation to remove iron, sulfides, and manganese from water, making it ideal for those who get their water from a well.  It helps prevent staining, tastes great, and reduces unpleasant odors.

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